How We Help

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Can we really stop your noisy neighbours from continuing to ruin your life ? Not all the time no but a significant percentage of the time we do stop or substantially reduce the noise. Dealing with statutory noise nuisance is a responsibility of local councils and you should always engage with their services if you can. In many places their noise reduction teams do an excellent job. But council funding has been cut by something like 30% over the last seven years. Noise reduction teams often aren’t a priority and many councils now offer very little support or assistance. That’s where we come in. Essentially we offer four services.

  1. A resources section with advice and information on how to tackle noise abuse
  2. A template letter that you can use to contact your noisy neighbours. You can do this anonymously or not.
  3. An email support service.
  4. Customised letters that we will send on your behalf. You will remain anonymous.
Services 1 and 2 are available for an annual subscription of £19. Service three requires a level 2 subscription of £75 per year. Customised letters require level 1 or 2 membership and are charged at £ 75 per letter
Fundamentally most noise abusers are cowards. When challenged convincingly they will generally stop their abuse.

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